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What is included with FREE membership?

 By registering you will have access to professionally designed, modeled, rigged, and fully animatable characters. Your FREE membership gives you access to all 'Non Premium' characters in the Anim-Mates Library.

What is included with PREMIUM membership and how much is it?
 Access to the entire site including exclusive characters only available to you, prioirty support, plus the full suite of animation tools. You will also receive priority access to any new character releases. We are working to continue Premium Memberships pricing of $25 per year for non-commercial use.

Animation Tools
PREMIUM Members have full access to all tools and tool customization. FREE members have access to a subset of tools for use with the Anim-Mates character library.

What kinds of tools?
 We have tools for selection, posing, scene management, scene setup and more. We also understand that every animator likes to work differently so in many cases we have mutliple tools that can be used to accomplish the same task. Selection tools is a great example, which include GUI pickers, Selection Gizmos, Viewport Pickers, and pickwalk utilities and that's just for selection. We also work hard to make sure the tools are customizable for not only our own rigs but yours as well.