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  • Download the proper file for your platform and Maya version (see downloads below)
            The file you download is a zip file that contains a Maya Plug-in.
  • Move or copy the plug-in (arXaosSource.mll for PC and arXaosSource.bundle for Mac) to your Maya Plug-ins folder after downloading
    Your plugin folder is usually C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2017\bin\plug-ins
    Your plugin folder is usually \Users\Shared\Autodesk\maya\2017\plug-ins
  • From the main Maya menus choose: "Windows->Settings & Preferences->Plug-in Manager"

    Click the box "loaded" and "auto load" for arXaosSource

    You will be prompted for your userID and password.

  • From the "ARigs" Menu at the top of maya choose "Setup Shelf"

  • Install FAQ
  • I can't find my plug-in folder
    If you don't know where your plug-ins folder is, you can run the following Mel command:
    getenv "MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH";
    That will print out a list of acceptable folders.

    Mac USERS!!
    Please note OSX makes it hard to navigate to folders with a .app in them. The easiest option is to place the file in the shared plug-in folder listed above. You can also put the plug-in anywhere you have write permissions. Then when you open the plug-in manager if you dont' see it in the list you can just choose the browse button and manually select where you placed the plug-in
  • My ARigs menu does not have "Setup Shelf"
    Please run the following Mel command:
    arXaosSource "setupToolShelf";arAMMenu();

    This might also mean you are using an older version of the plug-in.
  • I entered my UserID and/or Password incorrectly
    From the "ARigs" menu at the top of maya, choose options. Then click the userID/Password button to update those values